Commercial Real Estate in Austin, Texas

The Austin commercial real estate market contains 43 million square feet of office inventory and 49 million square feet of industrial/warehouse inventory. Today's inventory of available commercial space in Central Texas is large and dynamic. Our real estate database is constantly tracked and updated in order to keep you apprised of all space options which will fit your criteria.


Tenant representation is our specialty and having done deals with a majority of the landlords in the Austin area, we can help you capitalize on the outstanding concessions landlords are offering such as:
  • varying amounts of abated (free) rent
  • tenant improvement allowances and turnkey build out
  • staggered "take-downs" for expansion space
  • signage on building
Some of our notable leases include:
  • 42,598 SF office space - biotech firm.
  • 57,000 SF office space - law firm.
  • 43,400 SF industrial space - printing firm.
  • 30,877 SF office space - software firm.
  • 39,865 SF industrial space - electrical firm.
  • 29,000 SF industrial space - assembly firm.
  • 40,082 SF office space - publishing call center.


There are two main categories of commercial real estate purchasers users and investors. Users and small investors tend to seek buildings up to 25,000 square feet. Institutional investors target buildings above 50,000 square feet. Having served both users and investors, we understand the various factors that drive the pricing direction and will provide confidence that you have made the purchase (or sale) at the best price.

Some of our notable purchases/sales include:
  • 102,000 SF industrial building
  • 25,698 SF office/retail building
  • 30,000 SF office building
  • 30,000 SF office/industrial - build-to-suit
  • 16,500 SF office building
  • 16,255 SF office building
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